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Great Things are Being Said About Measure Up!

“The Measure Up! process is “Spot-on” with in-bound call monitoring and real time alert notification to my Management Staff. Monitoring and grading our inbound calls provides us with a statically and a graphic representation of individual and department performance which allows us to more effectively train BDC and Sales staff members to improve our performance.

The real time reports are simple, easy to use and you can drill down and listen to individual calls right from the report. The dealerships composite reports tool permits us to benchmark our performance and work toward continued improvement. The real time alerts notify Managers of inbound calls and provides specific details of what our staff missed and the Manager can call the customer immediately before the customer calls a competitor. We are capturing many more appointments from our calls and turning more of these leads into closed deals.”

Dean L. Gauthier
Director – Variable Operations Champion Automotive
Measure Up! is the best program in our industry. I manage 7 GM’s, 24 brands, and a centralized BDC department.

Getting the call is just the first step – handling every call with best practices is even more important!
Measure Up! programs for Sales and Fixed Op’s gives me a quick snap shot on how we handle the incoming sales call, schedule appointments in our service departments, sell retail parts and schedule Body Shop work.
Our objective is that all our Guests and Customers have a remarkable experience and Measure Up! provides all the tools so I can inspect what I expect.
Measure Up! real time reporting, alerts and composite reports give me all the details immediately.
Bottom Line: Increase profits and retain customers.

John Cueter
Division Director
Northern Michigan & Chicago
Fox Moters
Having spent thousands on incoming sales call training with some of the best trainers in the industry our appointment ratios hovered around fifteen percent; the sales people and managers not taking call handling seriously. The solution for us was Measure Up! Group! The missing piece quantifying data based upon incoming sales calls being monitored and graded in real time by MUG. The reporting and alerts provide us the tools necessary to capture appointments from prospects that we previously would have lost! The real time alerts expose our weaknesses by salesperson, department, and store and provide a solid statistical analysis to guide our skills improvement training.

The proof is in the numbers. MUG has helped us go from a 15% phone ups to appointments ratio (first time sales call) to consistently reaching a 35-40% call to appointment ratio! Since we started with the Measure! Up! Group, I can see that we are recovering 5 additional deals every week! That’s powerful.”

Thank you MUG!

Rodger D. Lau
Vice President & Gen. Manager
Jeffrey Automotive Group
Tamaroff Automotive Group

In today’s world most of our clients contact us before they actually visit the store, either online or on the phone. Measure Up! allows to make sure we consistently answer all incoming sales, service and parts call professionally. If we do fall short we receive a e-mail / text that allows us to recover.

Measure Up! real time reporting helps us pinpoint who needs more training and be confident that we are always improving our phone performance. Measure Up! makes us better and makes us more money. “Without the proper means of tracking results, the measurement of improvement is only a guess. Measure Up! helped us stop guessing and start progressing.”

John Driebe
Owner – Dealer Principal
Nissan Mazda Infiniti Elk Grove
“The Measure Up! Group has had a definite impact on our bottom line. If you are spending

money on Sales and Fixed operations programs, you want them to be clearly effective – Measure Up!
programs have proven themselves. Simple, easy and provides accountability.”

Wendell Allen
Momentum BMW West
Parts & Service Director
“No question, we are seeing reduced walk in opportunities and Measure-Up! programs are helping us take better advantage of incoming sales calls and internet lead opportunities we are getting. When we first started with Measure Up! (2008) we had a 18% appointment set with first time sales calls. For the past two years we are tracking 40%. That’s a 22% increase!

Taking advantage of every sales call and internet lead is extremely critical. Since we spend a lot of marketing money to get each lead, we need to make sure we do not waste any opportunities. The Measure Up! programs gives us real time reporting and alerts on how we’ve done and what follow-up is required. It’s a unique program that has saved deals for us. Lots of deals”

Steve Demers
General Manager
Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
You can’t manage what you can’t measure. the Measure Up! Group has been invaluable in allowing me to track , measure and evaluate all the phone calls that come into our dealerships on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

With Measure Up! I can see the whole picture and tailor training where it’s needed. I can isolate those salespeople and BDC staff who are under performing and need extra coaching and attention but it also allows me to streamline programs for my Top Guns to keep them on top of their game. Measure Up! allows me to focus my efforts and make the most of my one-on-one time. That’s key.

I can see when someone has mastered the real fundamentals and then kick in with more advanced training, when I know they are ready for it. No time is wasted and we can adjust the on-going training to match every person’s individual level.

Measure Up! allows us to be more reliable, consistent and more effective in our training process. Their reports are simple and easy to use, save me time and helps me manage the process more productively. With over 90 salespeople spread across 6 roof tops in 6 different cities- that’s huge.

Rick Resinger
Director of Training & Recruiting
Champion Auto Group
I need to know where my team stands in all aspects of the sales process. The phones are in many cases the first contact. I have to measure my teams abilities. Therefore, I need to measure it accurately. I must have a tool I can trust. That tool is Measure Up!

We get a simple-to-understand report card on every member of our sales team and our BDC department. It focuses on the basics. It is the most effective tool we have ever used. It monitors and measures what is essential. At a glance I can see how my team is doing and what we need to work on.

When it comes to monitoring there are many options. Not all get the same results. With Measure-Up! I have a consistent approach that’s simple and powerful, and reporting that is timely, clear and very useful. I get alerts whenever a step is missed and can get management involvement fast! It is the best program on the market.

Matt Bassett
General Manager
Elk Grove Nissan/Mazda

MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


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