Grading and Reports

Red, Yellow, Or Green Light Reporting

We will grade your incoming calls and staff utilizing a “Red, Yellow or Green Light” scoring system. You will know exactly who is qualified to handle your incoming calls and who isn’t!

We’ll track and report on how many calls, and whose handling the call.  This information gives a clear picture of which campaigns work, who is actually taking your incoming calls, and how well they are handling them.

With Measure-UP’s exclusive Real-Time Online Reports  you will see exactly how many calls are being answered, how many go unanswered, how many go to voicemail. Our dynamic reporting will indicate strengths and expose weaknesses. 

Our Reports


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Our reporting will identify strengths and weaknesses in call handling and focus your training to improve phone skill sets, customer service and CSI – all leading to greater profits.

Our Reports Include:

  • Call Breakdown
  • Dealership Grading
  • Dashboard Reports – Customizable
  • Heads Up “Red Alert” Reports, followed by a Management Action Plan
  • Call Detail & Follow Up Reports
  • Multi-Rooftop Composite Reporting
  • Individual Associates Report

Checkpoints for Each Department

Our grading is specialized per department to focus on each profit center and increase your earnings. the lists below are the checkpoints used to grade each department.


Answer Questions

Caller Contact Info

Associate Info

Ask for Appointment

Solid Appointment Set

Capture Email/Text


ID Service Needs

Caller Contact Into

Re-Confirm Service Needs

Ask for Appointment

Set Appointment


ID Parts Needs

Caller Contact Info

Presented Parts Value

Offer Install of Part

Ask for Parts Pickup

Our Grading And Reports Help:

Identify Lost Sales

Our unique approach to tracking and reporting on your call monitoring system will allow you to identify missed sales opportunities in all departments and ensure that your process improves.

Pinpoint Mishandled Calls

Our revolutionary process will allow your managers and associates to figure out exactly where calls are failing, allowing your team to grow it’s revenue potential and it’s effectiveness.

Monitor the Call Process

With our exceptional tools the departmental team will increase it’s productivity and effectiveness by an exponential degree, because the calls are monitored, graded and reported.

Measure Call Performance

Call performance is a critical metric whichdetermines the overall profitability of your departmental teams. Our products ensure you are continually in charge of your team. When you measure performance, performance improves.

Generate Real Time Alerts

Whenever a call is monitored our system will populate the customized Alert(s) that will be immediately sent to the departmental Manager(s) and Associate via e-mail or text.

Pinpoint Training

We provide GoToMeetings for orientation and we train the management team how to maintain the program.

Maintain Skills and Profit Growth

Your departmental processes can be continually improved by measuring and grading the calls and interactions that occur within your dealership. Our tools will ensure you accomplish this with accuracy.

Analysis Software

Our superior technology allows you to easily analyze the inbound calls for LEADS and call handling in your dealership, as well as monitor the effectiveness of each call based on a specific set of metrics.

Master the Art of the Telephone

With more than 90% of today’s automotive Customers electing to do their research and initial shopping via the internet it is critical that dealership employees master the art of the telephone. More now than at any time in the past the telephone is the main port of entry to the automobile dealership.

MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


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