Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of questions that clients and prospects typically ask of us. If you have a questions that isn't appearing on this list you can contact us to receive more detailed information instead.

Is there an installation fee?



Who receives the alerts?

Typically all managers and associates receive alerts. All that is required is a valid email address or a text message enabled smartphone.

How does call grading work?

We grade incoming calls utilizing a “Red, Yellow and Green Light” grading system. Our trained call monitors listen for specific checkpoints and alert triggers in every call and grade accordingly.

What do you need from me to get started?

All we need is a current roster of your people. Their names and e-mail address and the Department they work in. We will also need a user name and password to access your call capturing company. We work with virtually every call capturing company.

What if I do not have a call capturing company?

We can recommend several outstanding companies that are low cost providers with no set up fees, and no long term contracts.

If I start up, how can I opt out?

After a 90 day pilot, you can opt out with a 30 day written notice.

How do I get my teams ready?

Measure Up! will schedule a Go To Meeting for orientation with your Management teams. There is no cost for orientation.

How many calls do you monitor monthly?

We will monitor and grade as many calls as you require.

Can you provide multi reporting with store locations nationwide?

Because Measure-up is a web based software we have the ability to work with Dealer locations worldwide.

How does multiple rooftop reporting work?

We set up multiple dealerships with Senior Management and customize your reports with user security levels to fit your needs.

Do you have the ability to monitor Spanish Speaking Callers?

We employ call monitors whose native language is Spanish.

How do you quality control the calls, alerts, and reports?

We employ Quality Control Managers who monitor the monitors to make sure we provide you with accurate grading/ reporting.

Do I need to purchase any equipment for your programs?

No special equipment is required.

Do you have a support desk?


Can you separate sales calls from my BDC Department and my sales force?


Can you monitor internet calls to my BDC Department and assign to specific internet sale people?


MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


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