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It's Simple:


We analyze your team's call handling performance and identify problem areas and individuals.


We rate your team's performance; provide clear reports and effective training to improve it.


Our system alerts your managers to lost opportunities, mishandled calls, and hot leads in Real Time!

We show you how to capture more sales & profits from the calls you are already generating.

The internet has fundamentally changed the way automobile dealerships do buisness. With more than 90% of today’s automotive customers electing to do their research and initial shopping via the internet it is critical that dealership employees master the art of the telephone. More now than at any time in the past the telephone is the main port of entry to the automobile dealership. Your employees’ ability to convert incoming sales, service, parts, and body shop calls to appointments will have a dramatic effect on your dealership’s bottom line.

Our Approach

Measure-UP! offers high-value programs developed in response to real-world needs and refined by over 46 years of hands-on experience. Measure-UP! combines state-of-the-art technologies with proven techniques and training to drive improvement by taking advantage of leads you are already generating and improve bottom-line results by capturing lost sales.

Dynamic Solutions That Prove Themselves!





For Sales, Service,  and Parts Departments. Designed to show you the numbers that validate ROI.

Our programs have been developed through decades of success and extensive real world
experience, combining training expertise with meticulous execution to deliver exceptional ROI. Our business model has been developed to clearly show your results and prove our effectiveness.

MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


Don’t miss another sales opportunity

Set yourself apart by improving your sales process