Listen Up! (Calls & Texts)

Two-Tiered Listen-UP System

Our Listen-UP system has two parts. First, a virtual internet-based call recording and media analysis management system that tracks and records all sales calls (inbound/outbound) and those numbers associated with particular advertising and promotional campaigns. 

Second, a Text Operator which is a dynamic two-way text messaging platform that empowers auto dealerships to communicate with customers. Text Operator is TCPA compliant with full customer opt-out capabilities. 

Digital Call Recording

unique phone numbers

Follow every lead

Capture Caller Info

Reveiw/Record Outbound Calls

Increase Sales!

Track which ads are effective

Even when the phone wasn't answered


Track Sales Follow-up

Good communication doesn't just happen; it is the result of good design."

Stephen Few

MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


Don’t miss another sales opportunity

Set yourself apart by improving your sales process