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Receiving the call is just the first step – handling every call with best practices is even more important! The Measure-Up! Group will track, monitor, grade and train your call handling skills and provide you with a road map to do better for each profit center of your business – sales, service, and parts departments.

We’ll track and report on how many calls each marketing campaign generates and we will assign each call to the staff member that took the call. This information gives you and your managers a clear picture of which campaigns work, who is actually taking your incoming calls, and how well they are handling them.

We will grade your incoming calls and staff utilizing a “Red, Yellow or Green Light” scoring system. With Measure-UP’s exclusive Real-Time Online Reports you will know exactly who is qualified to handle your incoming calls and who isn’t! You will see exactly how many calls are being answered, how many go unanswered, how many go to voicemail. Our dynamic reporting will indicate strengths expose weaknesses. Our training will provide the path to improvement.

Our Approach

Measure-UP! offers high-value programs developed in response to real-world needs and refined by over 46 years of hands-on experience. Measure-UP! combines state-of-the-art technologies with proven techniques and training to drive improvement by taking advantage of leads you are already generating and improve bottom-line results by capturing lost sales.

Dynamic Solutions That Prove Themselves!





For Sales, Service,  and Parts Departments. Designed to show you the numbers that validate ROI.

Our programs have been developed through decades of success and extensive real world
experience, combining training expertise with meticulous execution to deliver exceptional ROI. Our business model has been developed to clearly show your results and prove our effectiveness.

Real Time Alerts

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With our Heads-Up! Program your mangers and associates will receive Real-Time Alerts whenever specific Alerts are identified in call handling. These Real-Time Alerts give your managers the information they need to follow up to save deals, generate more Sales appointments, Fixed Op’s appointments, sell more retail Parts and schedule more Body Shop RO’.

Our reports will correct errors and improve customer service and CSI – all leading to greater profits

MeasureUp! is a  call monitoring and training company.


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