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Data and process-driven auto dealership phone training program with Measure Up Group. Over thirty nine years of proven results. 

Measure Up Group Increase Inbound Call Profits Auto Dealer Phone Training                          Measure Up Group Improve Inbound Call Handling Performance                  Call Measure Up Group at 4158981112 to increase set appointments by 40 percent

More than ever, auto dealer phone training is essential for properly handling the incoming phone call, whether it’s for sales, service, parts, or body shop. To be competitive in today’s automotive industry a dealership has to intelligently manage its phone opportunities. More than 53% of consumers have smartphones today, frequently accessing the mobile web for research, social media, and to learn about new products.

Over 90% of Customers research the Internet prior to purchase.
Customers will spend 18 hours searching on the Internet
Customers will call 4 to 6 stores before they visit one.
Customers will only shop 1.5 stores physically before they take ownership.

Enter Measure Up Group.

For over thirty nine years Al Dee, President & CEO of the Measure Up Group has delivered proven programs that capture more sales and Fixed Operations profits from your dealership’s incoming phone calls. We monitor, measure, analyze and improve automobile dealership phone call handling performance.

Measure Up Group Program Features

Measure Up Group analyzes your team’s call performance and identifies problem areas and individuals. We also rate your team’s performance and provide clear reports and effective training to improve live phone call performance results. We alert your managers to lost opportunities, mishandled calls and hot leads in real time. Our programs establish an effective process to capture more sales and profits from the calls you are already generating.


We grade your incoming calls and staff with a fast and easy to use point system that you can quickly access from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Measure Up Group’s exclusive real-time online reporting system shows you exactly who is qualified to handle your incoming calls and needs improvement. You also see exactly how many calls are being answered, how many go unanswered, and how many go to voicemail. The Measure Up Group online reporting dashboard allows you to customize your data experience and gain unique insight that is tailored to your store’s profit centers and key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Measure Up Group Custom Dashboard Reports

Most auto dealer phone training companies offer a call monitoring service, but only Measure Up Group delivers a complete solution for monitoring, analyzing, reporting and improving call performance. Why wait days to act on opportunities that could be deals today? Our Heads-Up Alerts provide immediate notification to your departmental managers for Sales, BDC/Service, Parts and Body Shop departments.Measure Up Group Data Analysis

As we monitor your incoming calls, our trained staff listens for specific Heads-Up Alert Triggers in each call. We’ll issue an immediate alert to the managers you specify so that your team can quickly follow-up, save the deal, resolve the issue, and be ready for the customer when they arrive to keep their appointment.

We have specific, standard real-time alert triggers tailored for sales and each fixed operations department. Customize the alerts to meet the unique needs of your business. Our programs are flexible so you can choose the departments and the number of calls we analyze for your dealership.

Measure Up Group’s comprehensive phone call performance review and analysis program includes:

Exclusive Dashboard Reports
Exclusive Call Breakdown Reports Overall Grading Report
Exclusive Composite Reporting
Heads-UP! Real-Time Alert Reports
Team Evaluations & Training Recommendations

The value of Measure Up Group’s programs and process are found in the results we get for our dealerships.

Measure Up Group Call Breakdown Report

A 22% increase in set appointments with Measure Up Group Auto Dealer Phone Training

“No question, we are seeing reduced walk in opportunities and Measure Up Group programs are helping us take better advantage of incoming sales calls and internet lead opportunities we are getting. When we first started with Measure Up we had an 18% appointment set rate with first time sales calls. For the past two years we are tracking at 40%. That’s a 22% increase!

Steve Demers | General Manager | Cueter Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Ypsilanti, MI

From 15% call to appointment ratio to consistently reaching 35-40%

The proof is in the numbers. MUG has helped us go from a 15% phone ups to appointments ratio (first time sales call) to consistently reaching a 35-40% call to appointment ratio! Since we started with the Measure! Up! Group, I can see that we are recovering 5 additional deals every week! That’s powerful.” Thank you MUG!

Rodger D. Lau | VP & General Manager | Jeffrey Automotive Group & Tamaroff Automotive Group
Roseville, MI

Measure Up! is the best program in our industry. I manage 7 GM’s, 24 brands, and a centralized BDC department. Getting the call is just the first step – handling every call with best practices is even more important! Measure Up! programs for Sales and Fixed Op’s gives me a quick snap shot on how we handle the incoming sales call, schedule appointments in our service departments, sell retail parts and schedule Body Shop work. Our objective is that all our Guests and Customers have a remarkable experience and Measure Up! provides all the tools so I can inspect what I expect. 

Measure Up! real time reporting, alerts and composite reports give me all the details immediately. Bottom Line: Increase profits and retain customers. 

John Cueter | Division Director | Fox Motors
Northern Michigan, Chicago

Measure Up Group has been increasing dealership profits and improving phone skills. Pricing plans and training schedules are available for our auto dealer phone training processes and programs. Please contact us for a complete demonstration. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about the benefits Measure Up Group can provide to your Automotive Dealership. We can be reached at 415-898-1112.

Measure Up Group - Auto Dealer Phone Training_Monitoring_Grading



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