Automotive Phone Training and Handling Incoming Calls

As an automotive sales professional, it’s your job to know how to navigate the sales process. Arming yourself with the necessary tools and training is a must for success in today’s fast-paced marketplace. When it comes to incoming sales calls, or phone-ups in the dealership, many struggle with how to “get it right”. Here we’re going to review some basics for handling incoming calls and general phone call etiquette. Whether you’re an experienced sales professional or a “greenpea”, these  automotive phone training basics will help on every call.

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Avoid these six behaviors when on the phone with a customer.

1. Avoid the phrase, “I don’t know”.   Nothing is more unsettling and annoying to a customer than calling a business and hearing these three words.

2. Avoid car jargon.   Don’t say, “We can move you up from the ‘LX’ to the ‘EX-L'”, or ask customer if they’re “upside down” in their trade.

3. Avoid chewing food.  If you’re on your lunch break you can still take a call, but please finish chewing your food and take a sip of water before answering.

4. Avoid low energy words. Words like “sure”, “um”, and  “uh-huh” do not convey a positive and willing attitude to the caller. You don’t want to seem disinterested in helping do you?

5. Avoid disagreement. You can find disagreeable people all over the place. Don’t be one of them. The last thing a caller wants is to “get into it” with you. Keep ubeat and provide solutions rather than trying to be “right” or get your way.

6. Avoid getting off track. You are the sales professional with knowledge about your product. Know your phone training process and stick to it. If a caller senses that you’re timid or unsure about how to best help them, what reason do they have to meet with you?

Review these six behaviors to avoid when on the phone with a customer and keep track of your progress in a “Phone Sales Training” notebook. Develop creative and effective word tracks to use in place of “I don’t know”.  For example, “That’s a great question, let me find out the best answer for you.”. You can also make a list of high energy words and phrases to use with customers. Try “Sure thing!”, “You got it!”, and “Yes!”.


There will always be bumps in the road to the sale, but you’re behind the wheel!

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