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Automotive phone training with Measure Up Group helps car dealers sell more new and used cars. We provide a complete incoming call monitoring, grading, and training program that’s backed up with our laser-focused in-store training sessions. Use our Heads-Up! real time online call tracking platform to monitor results and save deals. Reinforce the results with hands-on training to ensure process retention and ongoing results that improve your auto dealership’s bottom line. Schedule a demo.

 Selling the appointment over the phone, not the car.

One of the most common mistakes we find when training in dealerships all over the country is sales people trying to sell the car over the phone rather than the appointment. Effective automotive phone training should address each step of the incoming call so the correct information is obtained, the callers needs are met, and a solid appointment is set. Understanding the true objective and naming the expected outcome often helps a salesperson direct an incoming call more effectively.

When the phone rings at a car dealership, a number of outcomes are possible. The call could be directed to the service department, the sales department, the parts department, or to the body shop. All these scenarios have one thing in common: The outcome of the call is directly related to how well the dealership employee handled the person on the other end of the line. Whether you are in sales or service, you need to be skilled at setting an appointment over the phone. This has to happen before any sale at the dealership is possible. It’s for this reason that many “Do you have…?” or “I need a price on…” calls to your dealership do not result in appointments or lead to sales.

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Watch this video with Paul at Tamaroff Honda.

How did Measure Up Group help him sell 204 cars last year?

Paul says that Measure Up Group showed him how to sell the appointment over the phone rather than the car. How do we do this? Our automotive phone training program utilizes a step by step call grading technology that identifies and analyzes 8 specific points in each call to ensure a solid appointment is set.

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Measure Up Group’s automotive phone training program isolates the specific components of an incoming call with our online call-breakdown reporting feature. This allows you a never-before-seen level of insight into the exact mechanics of why your team is not performing at a high level with incoming phone calls.

Our one of a kind process allows your managers and associates to observe exactly where calls are succeeding and failing. This facilitates training in the exact needed areas to icnrease appointments, sales, and dealership profitability.

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